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Hurricane A'Comin'!!

Anthony and I are braced for Irene's visit tonight. We have water, lots of non-perishables, cat food, litter, all of our electronics are charged, and my phone can turn into a wireless modem if the power goes out. We braced the windows in our bedroom and the sliding glass door in the living room with cardboard and duct tape in case of flying tree branches.

It looks like we may be put under a tornado warning in a few minutes, but we have inside bathrooms, so we should be okay. Anthony and I are currently in our respective bathrooms with our respective felines until the warning is over at 11:30. Lights keep flickering a bit, but I've got my computer, iPad, Kobo, cell phone, flashlights, and batteries, so we're all good.

I'll keep checking in and updating this post as I remember to. If anyone needs to reach me at any time for any reason, you can call me at (203) 980-3733.

I love you all, and I hope everyone is staying safe.


12:25am: Going to try and get some sleep while things are relatively calm. Things should start picking up around here about 3-4am.

9:53am: It's over. I slept through most of it. We're all good here, our apartment didn't flood, and we didn't lose power.
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I've decided to make my journal Friends Only. Comment if you want to be added, but be aware that I may or may not accept you as a friend.
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Happy New Year, Flist! May this year be full of triumph, success, and fun for you all! Be safe for the rest of the night and tomorrow!
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12 things that make me happy:

1: My family
2: My friends(RL and on LJ)
3: My Pets
4: Books
5: My Computer
6: Sleep
7: My room/bed at home
8: My Mom's cooking
9: Food
10: A good movie
11: Anything Disney
12: Smiling

Ugh, I could go on for HOURS!

Do this an post it in your journal so I can see what makes you happy and we can talk about it!
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So, I've made an appointment for Saturday, December 15, to be the day I get my first tattoo. I am getting a treble clef on my right foot. I need your advice as to how big you think it should be. I'm thinking Less than 2 inches (probably 1 1/2 inch, which is _______________ that long, exactly.) Does that sound good to y'all?

Oh, an please don't use this post to try and convince me not to get a tattoo. I've had so many people try to do that, but it's going to happen.

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Well, like I said, do the meme, people. It's good to get feedback. Because Lisa did the meme, I know that she wants me to write more about myself. Okay, I can do that!

Let's wrap up the school year, shall we? I'm just two assignments away from finishing my first semester of college....woah. I can't believe I'm *thisclose* to Christmas vacay! Yay! I can't wait to see my dog, my cat, my sister and her best friend Robby, and my parents. I'm a little sad today, though. I found out that my dog's back legs have atrophied, and I'm a little worried that we might have to put her down soon. That dog has been in my life for 11 years, and I don't want to see her go yet. I mean, yeah, she's old for a big dog, but Penny's been my saving grace ever since Dixie died. I just hope that we don't have to put her down before Christmas. That would be the absolute worst ting that could happen.

So, anyway, back to school. I just have a paper to write (which will be easy as pie) and an exam to take (which should also be pretty easy). Then I get to pack all my stuff into boxes and stick it in a storage place in preparation for my move to the main Rider campus. I can't wait to get there and make friends, but I'm really going to miss my people here. And since I don't have a car yet, I won't be able to see them very often, since the shuttle system here is crap.

I can't wait to use my Hanukkah present--I get two tickets to one Broadway show of my choice, or one ticket to two different shows. I'm already going to see The Little Mermaid on January 9, so I'm thinking I'm going to go see Wicked and maybe Spring Awakening. I still don't know what my second show is going to be. I want to see Mary Poppins, but Jess is going to teach me to rush, and I think I could get a Mary Poppins ticket easy that way.

Well, I must be off, I'm going to our school's major concert, Readings and Carols, tonight over on the Princeton campus. Yes, I go to school right next to Princeton. I'm so excited because I get to see the Princeton chapel tonight, and I've heard it's absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen it. Anyway, gotta go.

PS: Hey Lisa, is this better? :-P
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I dun gots a fancy newish icon. I've been using this lil Doxie for about a week now, but now he's all festive!

BTW, I wanna name him. I'm thinking Carl...any other suggestions?
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Which Peanuts Character Are You?

You are part Charlie Brown. You are always optimistic and persistent, and everyone appreciates your simple sweetness. Sometimes, however, your anxieties get the best of you, and life's mysteries can confuse you.
You are part Sally Brown. You may not be the most ambitious person, but life isn't supposed to be hard! You are relaxed and easy-going, but you can hold your ground when you want, too.
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