ibeliveinfaes (ibeliveinfaes) wrote,

Hurricane A'Comin'!!

Anthony and I are braced for Irene's visit tonight. We have water, lots of non-perishables, cat food, litter, all of our electronics are charged, and my phone can turn into a wireless modem if the power goes out. We braced the windows in our bedroom and the sliding glass door in the living room with cardboard and duct tape in case of flying tree branches.

It looks like we may be put under a tornado warning in a few minutes, but we have inside bathrooms, so we should be okay. Anthony and I are currently in our respective bathrooms with our respective felines until the warning is over at 11:30. Lights keep flickering a bit, but I've got my computer, iPad, Kobo, cell phone, flashlights, and batteries, so we're all good.

I'll keep checking in and updating this post as I remember to. If anyone needs to reach me at any time for any reason, you can call me at (203) 980-3733.

I love you all, and I hope everyone is staying safe.


12:25am: Going to try and get some sleep while things are relatively calm. Things should start picking up around here about 3-4am.

9:53am: It's over. I slept through most of it. We're all good here, our apartment didn't flood, and we didn't lose power.

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